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Konferenzbeiträge in Proceedings

  1. A. Mjalled, K. D. Sommer, Y. P. Ravichandran, R. Skoda and M. Mönnigmann. Reduced order models of centrifugal pump for control applications: a comparison of Galerkin-projection and neural networks. submitted to the 22nd IFAC World Congress 2023, 2023.

Konferenzbeiträge ohne Proceedings

  1. R. Jendersie, A. Mjalled, X. Lu, L. Reineking, A. Kharaghani, M. Mönnigmann and C. Lessig. NeuroPNM: Model Reduction of Pore Network Models using Neural Networks.  1st International Workshop on Reacting Particle-Gas Systems, 2022